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A Certified Nia Black Belt Instructor (17 year practitioner),

A Certified Qigong Instructor (8 year practitioner)

A Private and Small Group Movement Facilitator (15 years),  and 

A Young Living Essential Oils enthusiast and independent distributor (15 years)

My classes have been described by my students as being "like a spa treatment for the body," "rejuvenating," "soulful," "grounding," and even at times, "outrageously funny"!  I hope to bring to my classes a sense of personal safety, real comfort and vibrant joy in the body...and in my movement communities I foster a loving environment, so we can all be non-judgmental of ourselves and free to BE MOVED INTO HEALTH.

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Nia is a barefoot cardio dance fitness and lifestyle practice that draws from martial arts, dance and healing arts.  In Nia, we move our bodies dynamically and in lots of different ways.  With curiosity and Joy, Nia's awareness principles infuse our bodies with positive conversation and the music is FUN!   Nia as a movement class--and as a sustainable life practice--is a journey into the body that is well worth taking.  All fitness levels warmly welcomed, and every class is designed for Every Body.

Visit my Nia page for more information.  Visit Nia's international website at for more information about the Nia Technique.

Warning:  giggling often spontaneous and full-bellied.


A 5,000 year old Chinese practice, Qigong is designed to recharge your energy battery so you can feel better and more balanced in life and in exercise.   In Qigong practice, we harmonize life force energy in our bodies. (Qi = energy, Gong = practice or cultivation).  Classes are deeply quiet and meditative, and focus on Mind, Breath and very gentle movement.  For persons of all abilities, and can be done from a chair.  

Visit my Qigong page for more information.

Essential Oils have been foundational to my wellbeing.  

I use Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils daily by:

  • wearing them on my body for health and good sleep
  • diffusing them for therapeutic and aromatic benefit
  • ingesting them for internal body health
  • using them in all natural products to clean my house; and
  • using them on my animals.  

 Visit my Essential Oils page to find out more.

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